A Sustainable Alternative to Towel Usage

Reduce your costs and increase comfort for your customers


Welcome Valiryo to your tourist accommodation...

Our body dryer was developed as an innovative alternative to the use of towels in your tourist accommodations, also providing your guests with a more relaxing, hygienic, safe, accessible, and environmentally friendly drying experience. 

...and say goodbye to all the inconveniences of the towel!

The presence of towels in hotels entails complex logistics that require a significant concentration of human and financial resources. Furthermore, their washing and proper maintenance pose a huge detriment to the environment and it's not the most comfortable drying method. 

A new sense of well-being for your guests 

Valiryo represents a distinguishing element that adds comfort to your guests' stay through a new drying experience that extends the feeling of shower-induced wellness.

Give meaning to drying and let yourself be caressed by Valiryo. Its warm air relaxes your muscles, leaving you feeling more relaxed while your skin becomes softer and more hydrated.

A new spa-like sensation for the room itself that will enhance your guests' opinions about your establishment.


Hotels, resorts


Holiday Apartment

Camping, Eco-lodges



University residences



Enhance the Sustainability of your Accomodation


Valiryo helps you take a step further in your commitment to the environment, a crucial aspect increasingly valued by consumers when deciding on their accommodation.​ 

Quantify the reduction of your carbon footprint by using body dryers and become a towel-free facility. We will grant you our Sustainable Drying Certificate that you can display on your website and present to your guests at reception. 

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Reduce moisture presence and enhance furniture maintenance

Valiryo helps reduce condensation in the shower, thereby improving both the maintenance and durability of the furniture, as well as preventing corrosion of various bathroom elements (paints, metal parts, etc.).

Our body dryer achieves the necessary renewal by replacing humid air with dry air, thus avoiding condensation. It produces the same effect as showering with the door open.

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Reduce your overall management and laundry costs

By incorporating Valiryo, you will achieve a reduction in both human and logistical resources as well as water, detergent, and electricity consumption, thereby reducing your economic costs. Additionally, it improves the lifespan of furniture and facilitates the work of cleaning teams, enhancing their productivity.  

We can provide you with a personalized calculation of the economic and environmental savings that the inclusion of Valiryo can represent for your hotel.

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Would you like to calculate the economic and environmental savings that the inclusion of our body dryers could represent for your hotel or tourist accommodation?

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Improvement in cleanliness

By being installed inside the shower, Valiryo allows you to exit completely dry, improving the overall cleanliness of the bathroom and reducing water presence in other areas.

This will reduce the time and effort cleaning personnel have to dedicate.

Rooms with accessible drying

In addition to adapting the shower space, you will also be able to offer tailored drying in rooms designated for individuals with mobility issues.

We also have certification accrediting you as an accessible space without the need for towels.

Safer drying for everyone

Did you know that most bathroom falls occur during towel drying when done on a wet surface?

Avoid problems by reducing this risk of accidents in your hotel and also offer an easier and more relaxing drying experience for all your guests.

The benefits for your guests

In addition to providing a new wellness experience that relaxes your body and mind, Valiryo transforms body drying into an easier and safer routine for everyone, requiring no extra effort and offering benefits for the condition of your skin.

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The benefits for the environment

Every time we use Valiryo instead of a towel to dry ourselves, we prevent the emission of 0.55 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere. Additionally, we stop using and polluting with detergents and other chemicals, saving 78 liters of water. 

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Discover Valiryo Body Dryer

Valiryo is a body drying column that can be installed inside the shower and dries you with just the push of a button through the air expelled by its 27 diffusers.

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