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A sustainable alternative to the use of towels in hotels

In addition to the enormous cost of purchasing and constantly renewing them, the presence of towels in hotels involves intricate logistics that require a significant concentration of human and financial resources. Furthermore, the environmental impact of washing and drying towels is significant, without this being the most comfortable drying solution for our guests.

Reveal hotel towel inconveniences

Economic Savings

Reduce both your laundry expenses and the constant need to buy towels for your tourist establishment.

Greater Comfort

A new feeling of well-being after showering that will enhance the comfort experience for guests in the rooms.

Increased Safety

Enhance drying for seniors and those with limited mobility to make it easier and more enjoyable.

More Sustainability

Reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding water contamination from towel washing

Valiryo is an air body dryer column for the shower

Our body dryer can be installed completely safely in any type of shower thanks to its IP56 rating.

Discover all its features

Discover the benefits of Valiryo for your guests

Valiryo represents a distinctive element that adds comfort to your guests' stay, turning an unpleasant routine into a new experience that extends the sense of well-being from the shower.

Effortlessly dry and relax with our body dryer. Enjoy a warm massage of hot air that soothes your muscles and hydrates your skin, eliminating the need for towel friction. A new spa-like sensation for the room itself that will enhance your guests' opinions about your establishment.

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Enhance the Sustainability of your Accomodation

Valiryo enables you to go a step further in your commitment to the environment, a vital aspect that is becoming more and more important to consumers when selecting their accommodation.

Quantify your carbon footprint reduction with body dryers and a towel-free approach. Obtain our Eco Accreditation for your website and guest communication.

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Reduce moisture presence and enhance furniture maintenance

Valiryo helps reduce condensation in the shower, thereby improving both the maintenance and durability of the furniture, as well as preventing corrosion of various bathroom elements (paints, metal parts, etc.).

Our body dryer replaces humid air with dry air to prevent condensation, similar to showering with the door open, but without that cold sensation. 

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Reduce your overall management and laundry costs

In addition to improving room maintenance, eliminating towels simplifies the management of daily cleaning and results in significant savings on electricity, water, and detergents used for washing and drying them.

We can offer you a personalized estimate of the economic and environmental savings that the addition of Valiryo could bring to your hotel.

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Would you like to calculate the economic and environmental savings that the inclusion of our body dryers could represent for your hotel or tourist accommodation?

With our calculator, we can offer you a fairly approximate estimate.

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Improvement in cleanliness

By being installed inside the shower, Valiryo allows you to exit completely dry, improving the overall cleanliness of the bathroom and reducing water presence in other areas. This will reduce the time and effort cleaning personnel have to dedicate.

Rooms with accesible drying 

 In addition to adapting the shower space, you will also be able to offer tailored drying in rooms designated for individuals with mobility issues. We also have certification accrediting you as an accessible space without the need for towels.

Safer drying for everyone

 Did you know that most bathroom falls occur during towel drying when done on a wet surface? Avoid problems by reducing this risk of accidents in your hotel and also offer an easier and more relaxing drying experience for all your guests.

Introduce Body Drying facilities in all categories of tourist establishments




Holiday Apartment

Camping, Eco-lodges



University residences



Easy inclusion without renovations

At Valiryo, we offer a support program to guide you in the implementation of air body drying according to your needs: installation, connection, the ideal placement, etc.,

We recommend starting by introducing Valiryo in the main suites or in your complementary facilities (spa, gym) and then gradually adding it to the rest of the rooms, beginning with those designed for people with mobility issues..

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We help you promote the presence of Valiryo among your customers

At Valiryo, we want to help you promote the benefits of opting for air body drying. That's why we provide you with a display for the rooms that explains the product and all the benefits it brings for both people and the environment compared to towels. 

Additionally, we can set up a screen at the reception showing the real-time CO2 savings your hotel is achieving thanks to the inclusion of Valiryo.

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Kg of CO2

we prevent from emitted into the atmosphere each time we use Valiryo instead of a towel.


Comparing the sound emitted by Valiryo with the 89 dB produced by conventional hair dryers

liters of water

that we don't use or contaminate with detergents and other chemicals used for each towel washing.


to 0,143 kWh per use: the electricity consumed depends on the selected program, thanks to its efficient motor."

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