Full Body Dryer

The After Shower Experience


Complete, effective and natural skin drying

Proper drying is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. Valiryo speeds up the process without the friction of a towel.

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A new wellness experience for your home

Valiryo enhances drying  into an experience that contributes to physical and mental well-being.

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More convenient, secure, and free from falls

Autonomous and effortless drying for everyone. Valiryo is an essential element when adapting a bathroom.

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Environmentally committed drying

Valiryo avoids the costs of electricity and water associated with towel washing, as well as their pollution with soaps.

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"It's time to throw in the towel. Technology reaches body drying to align with the new era of personal care. Welcome to the body air dryer!

Benefits for Everyon​​​​​​e​​​​

Unique patented technology by Valiryo

Valiryo is the pioneering brand in global body drying, leading the creation of a new family of products for thousands of households and businesses worldwide. Founded in 2013, we have been working for over a decade to provide the best drying experience to everyone and introduce new and disruptive products.

We offer the first and most advanced body dryer for the shower. Manufactured in the European Union, Valiryo has been designed by our own team of engineers, meeting strict European standards of quality and design. Our unique patented technology ensures a uniform flow through its 27 diffusers to cover the entire body.

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Black Body Dryer for Shower: Safe Installation in Shower with IP56 Rating

Designed for safe use in the shower

Valiryo boasts an IP56 certification, the highest on the market for a body dryer. This means that Valiryo is fully protected against the entry of external elements, both dust and water inside.  

That's why Valiryo can be safely installed inside the shower for the best user experience.

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White Body Dryer for Bathroom: Versatile Installation in Various Locations to Suit Your Space Design

Eco-conscious design without maintenance

In accordance with our environmental consciousness, we have designed Valiryo for efficient and long-lasting use without technical issues. Additionally, our body dryer does not require maintenance or replacement of parts.

At Valiryo, we are against planned obsolescence: we aim to design products that last forever. This is how we minimize our carbon footprint by avoiding potential subsequent actions that involve resource mobilization.

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"Valiryo brings tech to drying for easy and independent use. Enjoy safe drying without help with our innovative body dryer for bathroom!"

Discover how Valiryo can help you

Presence sensor located next to the casing of the full body dryer

Motion Sensor for contactless switch-on

Valiryo's advanced technology allows for hands-free operation, activating seamlessly when a user steps within range of the device. This innovative feature not only enhances hygiene in public environments but also caters to individuals who may have difficulty with traditional button controls.

With the control panel, you can choose from different combinations of heat and power to customize your experience with the body air dryer

 Variable heat settings and power levels

Experience ultimate control with the intuitive control panel, allowing you to tailor your shower experience with a selection of 16 temperature and intensity levels. Whether you prefer a speedy dry or a more indulgent option, Valiryo effortlessly adapts to your daily routine, ensuring a personalized and luxurious experience every time.

The Valiryo column is made of ABS for increased safety due to its low electrical conductivity.

Secure, long-lasting, and resilient materials

Valiryo is made of ABS for its low electrical conductivity and features a protective PMMA layer for enhanced resistance and durability without color loss. Additionally, the column has an antibacterial additive treatment based on silver ions that prevents the growth and reproduction of bacteria on its surface for an extra anti-germ effect.

The installation of body dryer for shower is very simple, just like hanging a mirror with some type of light. Not need for renovations

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Luxury comes to body drying

Redefine the concept of drying your body, making it a delightful ritual that soothes your body and mind while taking care of and moisturizing your skin.

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Drying tailored to your needs

For some, drying off with a towel can be challenging. Valiryo makes it easy - just stand in front of the column and enjoy a warm air massage!

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Drying tailored to your needs

For some, drying off with a towel can be challenging. Valiryo makes it easy - just stand in front of the column and enjoy a warm air massage!

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An eco-conscious alternative to towels in tourist venues​  


Revolutionize the drying process in gyms and sports centers


The perfect ending to your visit to a spa or other wellness centers


Assists with drying in nursing homes, medical facilities, and disability centers

Full Body Dryer Specifications

Full Body Dryer is available in white and black colors

Number of diffusers: 27 
Drying time: 3 minutes average*
Auto stop time: 9 minutes
Air speed: > 100 km/h (62.14 mph) 
Decibels: 66 dB to 69 dB**
Sensor: infrared position detector.


Height: 218 cm (85.83 in) 
Width: 29,5 cm (11.61 in)​
Column Depth: 2,8 cm (1.10 in)​
Housing Depth:  22 cm (8.66 in)
Weight: 9,8 kg (21.6 lb)


Parts: Column + Housing
Materials: ABS + PMMA coating
Antibacterial Treatment: silver ionssee more

*This estimation is based on ideal conditions and may vary depending on factors like installation location, program selection, time of year, user's physique, etc...

**Acoustic lab test: A mid-range hair dryer emits 85 dB. 


Power Range: 133 to 2800 watts
Motor speed: 5000 rpm
Voltage: 220-240V (50-60 Hz)
Max. intensity: 12 A


Energy: 0,038 kWh to 0,143 kWh por use
Heat emitted: +32ºC (+57.6 ºF) above ambient

IP56 index water proteccion
Recommended installation: inside shower area


Valiryo Body Dryer is certified in the major global markets: European Union, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates... demonstrating compliance with all product labeling, safety, and quality requirements.

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Kg of CO2

we prevent from emitted into the atmosphere each time we use Valiryo instead of a towel.


where people are already relying on Valiryo for their drying after shower, saying goodbye to the towel.

liters of water

that we don't use or contaminate with detergents and other chemicals used for each towel washing.

millions of people

will be using body dryers worldwide by the year 2030 due to all the benefits they offer.

Common Questions about Valiryo Full Body Dryer

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