The importance of optimal drying for your skin's health

Find out why it is important to dry yourself properly

We generally do not pay enough attention to body drying, even though it has many implications for our general well-being and the health of our skin. That is why Valiryo focuses on this daily routine to give it real value and to improve the comfort of the bathroom while making drying easier and more accessible to everyone. 

 In addition, Valiryo offers an alternative drying alternative to all the disadvantages of using towels, both in terms of the environment and, above all, in terms of hygiene. If the towels have not been sanitized properly, they could pose a risk to our health. Also, their friction is not the most recommendable for our skin as it can damage or irritate it, even causing layers of the epidermis to be dragged away.

Benefits of  air body drying

With the dampness of the shower, your skin is more sensitive. It is particularly important to give it as much care and attention as possible. For this reason, experts advise against friction and recommend applying gentle touches to the skin with a towel to avoid rubbing it. Or, alternatively, a bathrobe can be used as a way of absorbing moisture without rubbing the skin. But this also involves risks because the parts of the body not directly covered by the bathrobe can take up to half an hour to dry and it is not advisable to leave moisture on the skin for such a long time. 

Valiryo Body Dryer accelerates this natural air drying process ensuring a complete and hygienic drying as your skin does not come into contact with any external elements such as a towel or bathrobe, which can be a source of all kinds of microbes and bacteria if they have not been properly sanitized and dried. 

In addition, the body dryer expels the humid air left in the bathroom after the shower onto your body, letting this humidity penetrate your skin as much as it is needed and eliminating the rest. This is why, in addition to not damaging it during the drying process, you will notice that your skin is softer and more moisturized using Valiryo as a drying method.

Discover Valiryo Body Dryer

A new body drying experience

Valiryo ensures effective and respectful drying of your skin through a new, more pleasurable experience since it prolongs the feeling of well-being you get in the shower. Valiryo avoids the effort required to dry yourself with a towel. That is why Valiryo is the ideal element for people with mobility problems and also for those with any type of skin condition for whom mere contact with the towel is a painful or irritating experience.