Luxury comes to body drying

A new wellness experience for your bathroom


The shower has become that moment of relaxation in our daily lives. That's why we increasingly value having various elements in our bathroom (indirect lights, rainfall showers, hydro-massage columns) to turn it into an experience of ultimate well-being.

However, what about the drying process after the shower? 

We continue to use the towel, which is an unhygienic method, harmful to our skin due to friction, and demands effort and skill that is not easy for everyone. All of this undermines the sense of well-being achieved during the shower, as it generally involves an unpleasant routine.


Valiryo gives a new meaning to body drying for everyday life

Valiryo transforms body drying into an experience in itself, a moment of relaxation that takes on a unique meaning in our daily lives, preventing drying from being merely an unpleasant task due to the effort and discomfort it entails. 

With Valiryo, you'll dry yourself with just a press of a button while you relax and enjoy a warm air massage that extends and enhances the well-being sensation achieved in the shower. 

Add Valiryo to your bathroom to complete your daily hygiene experience and turn your bathroom into your personal sanctuary of well-being. Discover the Valiryo experience! . 

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Optimal drying

With Valiryo, you completely eliminate moisture from your skin without friction.

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More convenient and safer

Dry yourself independently and more securely, avoiding slips and falls.

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More sustainable

By using Valiryo instead of a towel, we stop emitting 0.55 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.

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Discover Valiryo Body Dryer

Valiryo is a body drying column that can be installed inside the shower and dries you with just the push of a button through the air expelled by its 27 diffusers.

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A comfortable and efficient drying experience tailored to your routine

Valiryo ensures a complete drying without the need for towel friction or exposing yourself to potential bacteria contained in them. It provides a more hygienic and natural drying process.

With Valiryo, you'll discover the convenience of stepping out of the shower completely dry, enhancing both the safety and cleanliness of your bathroom by preventing the presence of water in other areas.

Moreover, Valiryo adapts to your routine, allowing you to choose between a quick and efficient drying option for busy days or a slower, more relaxing one when you need a break. Valiryo offers 16 temperature and power combinations.  


Smoother and Hydrated Skin

When your skin is most sensitive, it's after the moisture of the shower, making it crucial to provide it with the utmost care and attention. That's why experts discourage the use of towels, as their friction can damage and irritate the skin, even stripping away layers of the epidermis. 

On the contrary, Valiryo's air accelerates the natural drying process. The body dryer releases the humid air lingering in the bathroom after the shower onto your body, allowing this moisture to penetrate your skin to the extent it needs, while gently removing the excess without any aggression. You'll notice your skin becoming smoother and more hydrated. . 

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Relax Your Body and Mind  

Air drying your body contributes to an overall sense of well-being as it relaxes both your body and mind. The warm air emitted by Valiryo directly onto your body promotes blood circulation and oxygenation of your muscles. This facilitates relaxation, reduces muscle tension, and leaves your body feeling less stressed.

Similarly, the drying process becomes a moment to immerse yourself in your thoughts and dedicate some time to yourself amid the daily hustle. A moment to breathe and reflect. You'll discover a new sensation that you won't want to miss enjoying every day.

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Avoid the Uncomfortable Post-Workout Sweat

When engaging in physical activity, our internal body temperature rises due to the effort, and this is further heightened during a shower. Consequently, we often find ourselves sweating again as the body seeks to eliminate the accumulated heat.

Valiryo tackles this recurring post-workout sweat by assisting in the evaporation of sweat and regulating body temperature through its airflow. In doing so, we sidestep the uncomfortable sensation that can disrupt the relaxing feeling after exercising.

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Would you like to discover more benefits of our body dryer?

Valiryo goes beyond enhancing overall well-being; it is indispensable for those facing mobility challenges due to age or disability, as well as individuals dealing with skin conditions or illnesses.


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