Body drying, accessible to everyone

Recover your independence with Valiryo's body dryer

Either because of our age or due to any mobility problem, there comes a point when the bathroom becomes our worst enemy since many of the actions of our daily hygiene routine start getting impossible for us and we require the help of other people. This way, our privacy gets invaded, and this is never a pleasant experience for anybody. 

In order to keep autonomy as long as possible, we usually adapt the bathroom to suit our needs and, especially, the shower space as it is a dangerous place due to the presence of water. And, for this purpose, there are different shower chairs, handholds, etc. that, depending on our conditions, may allow us to continue showering without anyone's help.

Dry yourself easily with Valiryo

However, we don't usually focus on the drying process, despite the fact that most falls in the bathroom take place during this action. Not everyone finds it easy to dry themselves with a towel because it requires aggressive movements and difficult balancing on a wet surface to dry the most hidden parts of the body. Valiryo makes drying the body easier for everybody as it allows you to dry yourself just by standing in front of it.

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In addition, correct drying is essential for the health of our skin and we do not usually give it the importance it deserves. The use of towels presents a lot of disadvantages due to the friction on our skin ( in a moment when the skin needs special care because of its wetness) and also because of the exposure to a large number of pathogens that they may contain if they have not been properly sanitized. These disadvantages are particularly negative for people with diabetes or other types of diseases (psoriasis, dermatitis) that commonly present sores or other visible signs on the skin.

The origin of Valiryo

One of the reasons why Valiryo Technologies, the engineering company that created the body dryer exist is to offer sustainable products that also improve the quality of life of people and, in particular, of those who need it most. Among many other projects, one of the main ones was the idea of a body dryer that would help people with mobility problems to dry themselves after a shower.

And not only to dry themselves in an efficient and practical way, but also to enjoy a new experience that gives body drying a unique meaning and prolongs the feeling of well-being in the shower. Valiryo's warm air oxygenates your muscles and stretches them while you can dedicate some time to yourself and your thoughts. In this way, you will notice that your body and mind relax, which helps you to cope with the stresses of modern life.

Don't forget that Valiryo can be installed inside the shower thanks to its IP56 certification. This way, you don't have to move to another area to dry yourself (which is easier and safer) and, in addition, you leave the shower space completely dry, avoiding the presence of water in other parts of the bathroom. Valiryo also has a motion sensor that turns the dryer on when you stand underneath it. A solution designed for people who may have difficulty turning on the product or for its use in public spaces.