A new drying experience committed to the environment

A more sustainable drying with Valiryo

The elimination of the use of towels is one of the objectives we established at Valiryo when we developed our body dryer. And the fact is that the use of towels involves a series of inconveniences that can be solved with this new air-drying concept. This is a type of drying that is already common in public restrooms (airports, gyms, bars, etc.) because we assume that sharing a towel is not very hygienic due to the number of bacteria and other pathogens that may contain. We also recognize that having individual towels for each customer is complicated, expensive, and environmentally unfriendly.

The same situation can be observed when drying the body. The towel is neither hygienic nor the most efficient and careful way to dry our skin. And its correct washing and maintenance also require the concentration of a large amount of human and economic resources and the use of natural resources that make it not very sustainable, especially if we think of places such as hotels, spas, gyms, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, etc. Even though it is also recommended by experts that towels should be for individual use, different for each part of the body, and should be washed and dried correctly more frequently than we normally do.

CO2 savings with Valiryo

According to calculations made by our engineering team, every time a person decides to dry themselves with the Valiryo body dryer instead of using a towel, 78 liters of a unique resource shared by the entire planet's population - water - are saved and no longer contaminated with soaps and detergents. A number can become enormous if we extend it to all the laundries that provide services to hotels, nursing homes, spas, etc.

Also, Valiryo has been designed to use less electricity than the power required to dry and wash a towel. Thus, we estimate that our body dryer consumes 0.02770 KW compared to the 1.34159 KW used to properly sanitize a towel. We calculate that with each use of Valiryo, we save about 0.55 kg of CO2 emissions.

No to programmed obsolescence

Another of Valiryo's principles is to make products that last forever. Once you install Valiryo in your bathroom you will not need to replace it or do any kind of maintenance or replacement of its parts. This is another way of commitment to the environment as we reduce our carbon footprint by not wasting materials on products with programmed obsolescence. In addition, Valiryo is also manufactured by local suppliers.