Valiryo helps people with mobility difficulties to dry themselves

Easier and more independent body drying for everyone

Throughout life, people's mobility can be temporarily or permanently reduced for various reasons: an accident, an illness or simply aging. In any case, many of our daily tasks can no longer be carried out independently, including a task that is perhaps not so often considered, although it is essential to maintaining good hygiene and health: drying the body.

One of the most important motives, when we developed Valiryo, was to design a product that would help people. The fact is that regular towel drying requires appropriate movement of the arms, as well as a certain agility and balance to dry the lower limbs, something that many people may not have. And because of this, they need the help of someone else in an intimate moment which is not always comfortable to share. 

Therefore, Valiryo helps people with reduced mobility to dry themselves autonomously by simply standing in front of the dryer without having to make any unnecessary or uncomfortable movements. It will also increase safety by reducing the risk of falls in a wet environment like the bathroom, the part of our home where the majority of accidents happen during the drying process.

Body drying for people with reduced mobility

Similarly, Valiryo is an efficient solution for people who use wheelchairs or who cannot stand for long periods of time. These people usually use backless shower chairs, which are also suitable for use during the process, as our body dryer can be installed inside the shower as it is IP56 certified, and this location is ideal for the best experience with Valiryo.


Therefore, Valiryo completes the daily personal washing experience by offering an easier way of drying. This can be done on the individual's own in the same place, leaving the shower completely dry. It is important to emphasize that the body dryer expels air homogeneously through its 27 diffusers. It means that even if you use it while sitting in a shower, it does not affect the experience at all whether the upper diffusers continue to expel air or not. Plugging these upper holes will not cause more air to flow out of the lower diffusers. However, if you find it more comfortable, we can offer you small plugs to cut the flow of those diffusers that you are not going to use regularly.

In addition, do not forget that the column has a motion sensor that automatically switches the dryer on when you stand in front of the device. A solution that is particularly designed for people who may have difficulty switching on the dryer using its control panel. This way, the body dryer will always turn on to the last program you have used. Once turned on, you will be able to customize your experience.

A new, more relaxing drying experience

Body drying with Valiryo offers a new experience that improves our general well-being as it relaxes our body as well as our mind. The warm air blown by Valiryo directly on our body stimulates blood flow and oxygenation of our muscles. This helps them to relax, reducing muscle tension. Therefore, Valiryo helps us in our day-to-day life, making our bathroom more comfortable as well as more efficient.

If you want to install the body dryer and you have doubts about the best way to incorporate it into your bathroom, our team of technical experts can advise you and help you with the installation process, as well as adapt the use of the product to your specific needs

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At Valiryo, we are committed to providing the product to all those who can benefit from its use, and for this reason, we also collaborate with different associations around the world.

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