Introducing an Innovative Way to Prevent Towel Theft in Your Hotel


Towel theft is a persistent challenge for the hotel industry, with estimates suggesting that up to 20% of towels disappear from hotels each year. This loss not only affects the hotel's profitability but can also damage its reputation and customer experience. However, there is an innovative solution that not only addresses this issue but also offers additional benefits in terms of cost savings and sustainability: Valiryo.

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Valiryo is an air column that can be installed inside the shower for a more efficient and relaxing body drying experience.

The Magnitude of the Towel Theft Problem for Hotels

Towel theft represents a significant cost for hotels, with estimates suggesting it can cost the hotel industry millions of dollars each year. Beyond the direct cost of replacing stolen towels, there are also associated costs with their constant renewal, as well as the labor and logistics involved in managing towel inventory and constant laundering. Thus, the towel is one of the biggest obstacles to hotel profitability due to the many inconveniences its presence in tourist establishments represents. 

  • The Impact on Customer Experience

The lack of towels in rooms can be a source of frustration for guests and can negatively affect their perception of the hotel. Guests expect basic amenities such as clean and plentiful towels, and the absence of these can impact their satisfaction and loyalty to the brand.

Valiryo: An Innovative Alternative to Towel Presence

Valiryo provides a comprehensive solution by completely eliminating the need for towels in hotel rooms. Its innovative body dryer uses hot air to quickly and efficiently dry guests without leaving the shower, as it can be safely installed inside (IP56). This not only eliminates the temptation to steal towels but also significantly reduces costs associated with laundry and frequent towel replacement.

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  • A More Sustainable Drying Method

In addition to preventing towel theft, Valiryo offers a range of additional benefits for hotels, residences, and other tourist accommodations. By eliminating the need for towels, it reduces water and energy consumption associated with washing and drying towels, which not only saves operational costs but also demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability.

  • A Spa-like Experience in the Bathroomn

By implementing Valiryo in your hotel, you´re offering your guests a more confortable and relaxing drying experience that is also gentler on their skin. Your clients will discover a new sense of well-being right in their own room, which they won't hesitate to share with friends and acquaintances. A towel-free drying experience is safer, avoiding potential slip-and-fall accidents, and easier for people with mobility issues. It's a new comfort element that sets you apart from the competition.

In summary, Valiryo not only helps prevent towel theft in your hotel but also offers a range of additional benefits in terms of cost savings, sustainability, and customer experience. With Valiryo, towel theft becomes a thing of the past, and your hotel can enjoy a more efficient and sustainable operation. Discover all the benefits of including Valiryo for hotels here and contact us for more information or guidance from our team.