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It won't be long before there will be a body dryer in every bathroom because of its multiple benefits.

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 Valiryo is the most advanced patented body dryer on the market.

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Valiryo is a European engineering leader in the body drying technology.

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Valiryo Body Dryer

Valiryo is a body drying column that can be safely installed inside the shower thanks to its IP56 protection. In this way, you can dry yourself in an easier and more hygienic way through the air of its 27 diffusers. 

It is a new drying experience, more relaxing and with benefits for the skin. It also helps people with mobility problems to dry in a safer environment. 

Valiryo is particularly suitable for hotels, nursing homes, gyms, swimming pools... where it also supports the sustainability of these businesses by avoiding the need to wash towels.

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Luxury reaches body drying

Valiryo gives a new meaning to body drying by turning drying into a relaxing experience that contributes to your physical and mental well-being while caring for and moisturizing your skin.

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Easier and safer body drying

Valiryo makes drying more hygienic and effortless for the elderly or people with mobility problems, reducing the risk of falls and avoiding the friction of the towel on the skin.

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A single product, thousands of opportunities! 

With Valiryo you will say goodbye to towels forever!

The use of towels brings with it a number of disadvantages, as they require a great concentration of resources to wash and maintain properly, which makes them unsustainable to use, especially in establishments such as hotels, spas, etc.

We estimate that with each use of Valiryo, we avoid emitting 0.55 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Besides saving electricity, every time somebody dries with Valiryo, 78 liters of water are not contaminated with soaps and detergents.

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Valiryo is committed to a more natural and sustainable drying process that helps reduce our carbon footprint every day.

Ion Esandi • CEO of  Valiryo Technologies

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Valiryo's mission is to bring the new culture of body drying to all parts of the world. That is why we have programs in search of partnerships that will allow us to expand in different countries. We have different programs to help you grow together if you are interested in giving meaning to body drying with us and making money by marketing our innovative products.

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