Air-drying: more gentle for people with skin diseases

Avoid the friction of the towel on your skin with Valiryo Body Dryer

Even though we don't usually give it the importance it deserves, body drying is essential for the health of our skin but although the towel may seem to be a sufficient method, it has a lot of inconveniences. The most notable of these is its friction, which can damage or irritate the skin, even causing layers of the epidermis to be dragged away. On the other hand, incorrect drying can lead to the development of fungal infections caused by the presence of dampness on the skin. 

Therefore, if correct drying is recommended and beneficial for everyone, it is crucial for people with skin conditions, for whom the friction can cause serious consequences. We talk, especially, about people with diabetes or arterial insufficiencies who, as a result, constantly suffer from very painful skin ulcerations.

Similarly, towel drying is not recommended for people with atopic skin, which is characterized mainly by its dryness and therefore flaky, irritated, and itchy skin. Certainly, the friction of the towel is a real nightmare for people with diseases such as epidermolysis bullosa, known as butterfly skin because of the extreme vulnerability of the skin of people suffering from this cruel disorder.

The solution: body air drying with Valiryo

Our body air dryer is often a great relief for people with any of these diseases or other conditions such as psoriasis, as it allows them to avoid the friction of the towel which is often painful for many of them

In addition, the body dryer expels on the body the humid air that has been left in the bathroom after the shower, allowing this moisture to penetrate your skin. This is why it is also beneficial for its hydration, something that may be especially beneficial for people with dry or atopic skin.

Air-drying is the most natural way of drying and therefore it is advantageous for the skin. This is a new drying experience that makes drying easier and more accessible; and also more relaxing, as Valiryo's heat oxygenates your muscles, causing them to stretch and relax. In this way, our body dryer can completely change the drying experience for those with skin problems: it can change the traumatic body drying to a relaxing experience for the body and for the mind.

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