Discover How Much You Can Reduce Your Hotel's Laundry Expenses by Eliminating Towel Use

Valiryo Helps Make Your Hotel More Sustainable by Reducing Towel Dependency

Are you still asking your guests to reuse towels in an effort to save costs, yet finding your expenses remain stubbornly high? Are you tirelessly seeking ways to trim expenditures, only to be met with limited success? It's time for a fresh perspective. Imagine a hotel where towels are no longer needed, leading to significant savings and a smaller carbon footprint. Let’s dive into how Valiryo can make this vision a reality for your hotel. 

Valiryo body dryer offers an innovative alternative to towel use for the tourism sector, enhancing your customers' experience and comfort with your facilities. Additionally, it generates substantial savings in your team's time and your laundry bill. Valiryo also promotes sustainability, a value increasingly considered by consumers.

Our goal is to change the hotel industry's approach to the services you offer your guests, To this end, we offer you a personalized calculation of the economic and environmental savings you can achieve by incorporating body dryers into the rooms of your tourism establishment. Click below, fill out our form, and we will send you a personalized report on the savings achieved in your hotel with Valiryo. 


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The towel logistics dilemma for hotels

Despite its widespread use, the traditional towel presents numerous challenges for hotels. Managing towels involves a complex logistical process that begins with washing and ends with replenishment. This process consumes valuable time and resources, from the water and electricity used in washing and drying to the labor costs associated with folding and replenishing supplies. Additionally, towel wear and tear lead to frequent replacements, further increasing expenses​.

But the challenges don't end there. Damp towels left in bathrooms contribute to moisture buildup, leading to mold growth and unpleasant odors. Cleaning staff must dedicate additional time and effort to combat these issues, detracting from their ability to focus on other essential tasks. These challenges underscore the need for a viable alternative, one that streamlines operations, reduces costs, and enhances guest satisfaction.

Benefits of Eliminating Towels from Your Hotel Forever

As we have seen, a towel-less hotel is possible, and by eliminating them, a series of advantages arise from their disappearance:

  • Streamlined Operations

Without the need to collect, transport, wash, fold, and replenish towels, your cleaning staff can focus on providing better service to guests. This simplification of operations translates into greater efficiency and productivity. Additionally, eliminating towel storage requirements frees up valuable space, reducing clutter, and optimizing storage areas.

  • Cost Savings

Eliminating towel logistics results in significant savings for your hotel. You'll save on water and electricity consumption associated with washing them, as well as on labor costs related to towel handling. Furthermore, by reducing the need to replace towels, you'll save money in the long run as they often need continuous replenishment due to wear and tear or theft by guests.

  • Environmental Benefits

By eliminating towel logistics, your hotel's carbon footprint is also reduced, improving its sustainability. In addition to reducing water and electricity consumption associated with washing, it also avoids their transportation to laundry facilities since most hotels outsource laundry services.

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Discover the economic and environmental savings you can achieve for your hotel

The cost savings achieved by replacing towels with body dryers naturally vary depending on factors such as capacity, occupancy, and other unique aspects of each establishment. Therefore, we request these details from you to provide a personalized calculation. However, to give you an idea, let's look at three examples of very common types of hotels

The calculations are based on an average occupancy of 1.5 persons per room, assuming daily showers and Valiryo usage as recommended by the manufacturer. Additionally, one towel per day is considered for drying, with consumption costs factored in from October 2023 using medium-quality appliances.

  • Intimate 20 room Bed&Breakfast

In this type of hotel, implementing Valiryo can result in savings of up to 100,000 liters of water per year, translating into a reduction in both costs and unnecessary consumption and pollution with soaps and other chemicals. Similarly, electricity consumption is reduced by approximately 7,000 kWh per year. Thus, if we imagine that this small hotel is located in London, it could save you £1,500 per year, also reducing your carbon footprint by not emitting more than 1,500 kg of CO2.

  • Urban hotel with 150 rooms

In this larger-sized hotel, the benefits of installing Valiryo are even more evident. If we imagine this type of hotel is in Barcelona, the economic savings amount to 13,000 euros annually. Additionally, the environmental savings are reduced by 88% regarding body drying, with 750,000 liters of water no longer used for washing towels and a reduction of 70,000 kWh in annual electricity consumption.

  • Tourist resort with 600 rooms

In a large tourist resort, savings grow exponentially. If we imagine this resort is located in Florida, the economic savings increase to $57,000 annually. Similarly, the environmental savings are significant, with an 88% reduction in CO2 emissions and the staggering savings of over 3 million liters of water per year from towel washing.

A commitment to the environment and to your customers

One of the pillars that inspired the creation of the body dryer is related to our environmental commitment and assisting sectors such as tourism in their sustainability efforts. To achieve this, we believe that the key point lies in offering an innovative solution that is cost-effective in the medium term, as the investment in Valiryo quickly pays off both in economic savings and in improving our image as an eco-responsible brand. Discover all the benefits of Valiryo for the tourism sector.

By introducing body dryers, we are changing the way hotels provide comfort for guests. In addition, with Valiryo you prevent another constant problem which is often dampness in hotel bathrooms, leading to faster deterioration of furniture and fixtures. However, with Valiryo, you can significantly reduce moisture levels, prolonging the life of your furniture and saving on replacement costs.

Join the movement towards a more eco-friendly and profitable approach for your business. Make the smart choice for a sustainable future that benefits both the environment and your bottom line. Eliminate wasteful practices like unnecessary towel usage and start reaping the rewards. Reach out to us today and take the first step towards a greener tomorrow!.