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Can you imagine a hotel without towels?

Not providing towels in a hotel can lead to cost savings in terms of laundry and maintenance expenses, as well as reducing the environmental impact by saving water and detergent. 

Guests can enjoy a more sustainable and convenient drying experience with the use of innovative body dryers like Valiryo.

Discover all hotel benefits

Eliminate 100% water usage

Avoid wasting water on towel laundering.

Decrease in power consumption

Reduce electricity use by 80% to optimize client drying.

Reducing CO2 emissions

 90% of reduction by using Valiryo as your drying method.

Reduce your costs and save money

With these savings, you'll cut laundry costs and improve your business.

3 examples of savings achieved in hotels


Intimate 20-room B&B

  • 102,200 liters of water VS none
  • 7.826 kWh VS 970 kWh
  • 1.794 Kg VS 212 Kg of CO2
  • 1.673 pounds VS 186 pounds

150-room Urban Hotel

  • 766,000 liters of water VS none 
  • 58.695 kWh VS 7.272 kWh
  • 13.458 Kg VS 1.593 Kg of CO2
  • 14.675 euros VS 1.628 euros

600-room Tourist Resort

  • 3.066,000 liters of water VS none
  • 234.799 kWh VS 29.089 kWh
  • 53.833 Kg VS 6.370 Kg of CO2
  • 63.772 dollars VS 7.075 dollars

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Say goodbye to constant towel purchases due to wear or theft

Discover all the inconveniences that towels cause for both hotels and their guests.

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Greater comfort

A more comfortable and relaxing drying experience through a warm air massage that soothes your body and mind.

Easy and fall-free

Facilitates drying for individuals with mobility issues and enhances safety during the drying process to prevent slips and falls.

Towel Free

Earn our Towel-Free Establishment Certification and showcase your hotel’s sustainability to your guests.

More efficient cleaning

Reduces the presence of water and humidity in the bathroom, making cleaning easier and eliminating towel logistics.

Body Dryer for the shower

Valiryo can be installed inside the shower thanks to its IP56 certification, allowing for complete drying in the same washing space.

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Easy installation without renovation

Installing the body dryer is as simple as hanging a mirror with some type of light on the wall: we fix it in the best place and connect it to the electrical network.

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