Valiryo Body Dryer

Valiryo body drying column
The first and most advanced body dryer

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Experience a newfound sense of well-being for your home...


Complete drying is essential for the health of our skin. Valiryo offers you a more natural and hygienic drying experience that allows your skin to absorb moisture without undergoing any form of aggression.

Transform the uncomfortable and unpleasant drying process into a new daily wellness experience. With Valiryo, you'll enjoy a soothing air massage that stretches your muscles while relaxing body and mind.

Elevate your bathroom into a sanctuary of comfort for yourself and your loved ones.

Discover the benefits for your HOME

...and enjoy easier and safer drying for everyone!

Valiryo becomes an essential item as we age, as it facilitates our drying process and makes it safer by avoiding common slips caused by the complicated movements that a towel forces us to make on a wet surface.

Likewise, Valiryo is the solution for many people with reduced mobility to continue drying themselves independently, while maintaining their privacy.

With Valiryo, drying will no longer be a nightmare, and your skin will be free from towel friction. 

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Discover Valiryo Body Dryer

Valiryo is a body drying column that can be installed inside the shower and dries you with just the push of a button through the air expelled by its 27 diffusers.

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An environmentally-friendlier drying method

 The use of body dryers represents an environmental benefit compared to using towels, as their washing and proper maintenance require high consumption of both electrical and water resources, and their contamination with detergents and other chemicals.

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Get ready to welcome Valiryo into your home!

You don't have to wait for a bathroom renovation to start enjoying Valiryo as your new drying method. You can incorporate it at any time without the need for any kind of construction work. It's just a matter of choosing the most suitable location and preparing the electrical connection (220-240V). Discover the entire process below and feel free to reach out if you have any doubts or questions.



Although our recommendation is to install it inside the shower, you can place it in many other locations. In this post, you can discover all the key points for installing Valiryo in the optimal spot, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us for advice!



You can get ahead with the work and prepare the connection point. Check out this post to learn all about its connection. Valiryo is already present in over 80 countries, as it's adapted to different electrical networks and compliant with the regulations of each market.

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Valiryo arrives packaged in two boxes and includes everything necessary for its assembly, as well as a template and a step-by-step guide. In the unboxing video, we show you everything included in the box so you can locate it and teach you how to unpack it with the utmost care to avoid any loss or damage.



The installation is very simple and does not require any type of renovation. You can do it yourself. The process is similar to hanging a mirror with some kind of light on the wall. In this post, you can discover all the details and watch a video with a step-by-step guide.

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Now you can enjoy Valiryo. You will see that once you discover it, you won't be able to do without it. Its operation is very simple and intuitive, but it is very important that you read these usage tips so that you can get the best experience from the very first use.

And enjoy all the benefits of air body drying!


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