Simple guide to installing Valiryo body dryer in your bathroom

The installation process for Valiyro

We like to compare the process of installing Valiryo to hanging a mirror with some kind of light in the bathroom. You simply attach the object to the wall and connect it to the house power supply. Perhaps the only difference is that we don't usually find a light point in the shower space, which is the area where we recommend installing Valiryo whenever possible to get the best possible body-drying experience. And this is because, until the development of Valiryo, there was no need to connect anything in the wet space of the bathroom. Therefore, the main difficulty may arise in the electrical connection if, as advised, we decide to install it inside the shower. If it is installed in another place, it can be connected like any other type of household appliance.

The incorporation of an electrical device may seem odd, but it is completely common and it depends on the protection rating of the equipment. And in this case, Valiryo has an IP56 protection rating, which certifies its safety even under direct impact of water.

Therefore, it is a process that does not involve any kind of difficulty: Therefore, it is not necessary to wait to renovate the bathroom to have all the benefits that Valiryo has to optimise your drying. You can incorporate Valiryo whenever you want by simply requesting the installation wiring to the Valiryo connection point. The installation of the device is so easy that you can do it by yourself.

The installation process

You can find the installation process of Valiryo described step by step in the user manual included in the body dryer box. In addition, in this video, you can also see how to install Valiryo inside the shower space. The connection process is explained in this post and it is different, as it depends on the country where you live; since Valiryo must be connected to 220V.


A template is included in the box to help you mark on the wall where to drill the holes to attach Valiryo. Generally, the recommendation is to place the body dryer 10 cm from the floor; but you can modify this distance to adapt it to the space where you are going to install the equipment. Remember not to install it close to a wall because you need to have enough space to the left and right of the column to be able to stand in front of it and turn around to dry yourself.

Worried about space? If you don't have enough room to install our 218 cm column, don't worry—we have a solution! Our shorter column fits spaces with a minimum height of 197 cm. Just remember, it’s essential to leave at least a 2 cm gap above the unit and to adjust it well to the height of the person within the available space.

Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right Valiryo column:

  1. Choose the right spot: Ideally, place Valiryo within the shower space for a complete and satisfying experience with the product.
  2. Measure your available height:
    • If you have 220 cm (86.6 in) or more in height, we recommend choosing the Valiryo 218.
    • If your space has less than 219 cm, you should opt for the Valiryo 195, as the larger model won't fit.
    • If you have less than 197 cm of height, contact us to find an alternative solution for your situation.

Valiryo's column is very light. It only weighs 9.8 kg, but due to its volume, it is advisable to install it by two people. All the necessary materials for the installation of Valiryo are also included in the box. In this video, you can also see how Valiryo is delivered to your home, as it is shipped in two separate boxes: one with the column and the other with the motor case.