How to make your hotel more sustainable by including body dryers

Valiryo body dryer helps you become a towel-free hotel

In today's world, sustainability is a growing concern for both consumers and businesses. The hotel industry, in particular, is seeking ways to reduce its environmental impact and meet the demand for greener practices from eco-conscious travelers. In this context, Valiryo offers an innovative solution for hotels looking to enhance their sustainability while providing a high-quality guest experience.

Why Valiryo reduces carbon footprint  

Using Valiryo Body Dryer instead of traditional towels is an effective way to reduce a hotel's carbon footprint. Every time we use Valiryo instead of a towel, we prevent 0.55 kg of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere. Additionally, by eliminating the need to wash towels, water consumption is significantly reduced. We avoid using 78 liters of water and the pollution associated with detergents and other chemicals used in towel washing. Moreover, Valiryo contributes to reducing the hotel's electricity consumption, saving 1.313 kW compared to washing a towel.

The environmental benefits are clear, but Valiryo also offers significant business advantages. By replacing towels with Valiryo body dryers, hotels can save on numerous resources related to towel management, such as the cost of washing, handling, and storage. This includes savings on water, electricity, detergents, and labor costs associated with laundering and maintaining towel inventories. Furthermore, the reduced need for storage space and the streamlined logistics of towel management translate into operational efficiency and cost savings.

To help hotels understand the full extent of these savings, Valiryo offers a savings calculator on our website. This tool allows you to calculate your current expenses related to towel usage and see how much you could save by switching to Valiryo. 

The imporance of sustainability for consumers 

Modern travelers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their travel choices and seek accommodation options that reflect their values. Hotels that adopt sustainable practices, such as installing body dryers, can attract these eco-conscious customers and stand out in a competitive market. The shift towards sustainability is not just a trend but a significant change in consumer behavior. Guests are more likely to choose hotels that demonstrate a genuine commitment to reducing their environmental footprint, and incorporating eco-friendly technologies is a clear way to show this dedication.

The use of Valiryo Body Dryer can enhance a hotel's reputation as a forward-thinking, environmentally responsible establishment. Guests appreciate transparency and efforts in sustainability, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty. In today's market, where reviews and recommendations heavily influence booking decisions, promoting sustainable practices can give hotels a competitive edge and attract a growing segment of environmentally-conscious travelers.

Valiryo's "Towel-Free" Certification

Valiryo offers a unique opportunity for hotels to showcase their commitment to sustainability through our exclusive "Towel-Free" certification. This certification serves as a badge of honor, indicating to guests that your hotel has adopted a greener, more efficient alternative to traditional towels.

By choosing Valiryo Body Dryer, your hotel can significantly reduce water and energy consumption, minimizing your environmental footprint. The "Towel-Free" certification not only highlights this achievement but also elevates your hotel's status as a forward-thinking, eco-friendly establishment. This certification is a powerful marketing tool, setting your hotel apart in a competitive market where sustainability is a key differentiator.

Receiving the "Towel-Free" certification involves a straightforward process. Once your hotel has successfully integrated Valiryo body dryers and phased out traditional towels, we will award you with this certification. Displaying this certification prominently within your hotel and in your marketing materials signals to guests that you are dedicated to making a positive environmental impact. 

Additionally, we provide a screen for the reception area and displays for washrooms, along with other tools to support those who strive to make their business more sustainable and beneficial for everyone, including our planet. This can enhance your brand perception, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive more bookings from travelers who prioritize sustainability.

Embrace the future of hospitality with Valiryo’s "Towel-Free" certification and demonstrate to your guests that your hotel is leading the way in sustainable practices. Contact us for more information and one of our specialists will get in touch with you to answer any questions you may have.