How to use Valiryo body dryer to get the best experience

Valiryo Body Dryer use tips

The use of our Valiryo body dryer is very simple and intuitive. It has a power button and two more buttons that allow you to combine 4 power levels with 4 temperature ranges. In total 16 possible combinations to customize your experience according to your mood. In addition, it has a motion sensor that makes the body dryer start running without contact, just by standing underneath it. 

However, what is more challenging about our body dryer is the way it is used. To enjoy the experience of drying with Valiryo, a process of adaptation and learning is necessary because it is a very new product that offers a radically different alternative, more natural and accessible, to achieve a more hygienic and respectful drying for our skin. The same happened at the beginning of the microwave or the dishwasher when many people did not know how to use them properly. However, there were so many advantages that they quickly became an essential part of our daily lives.

First of all, the placement is going to be important. Valiryo was designed to be installed inside the shower and for this reason, it has an IP56 certification. In this way, we place everything in the same space, which helps to improve the drying experience, increasing the well-being, safety, and cleanliness of the bathroom. In addition, Valiryo absorbs the air that is expelled to our body from its environment. Thus, in this way, we achieve a warmer and wetter air that will contribute to an increased sensation of warmth for our muscles and a greater hydration of our skin.



Tips for use

We always include with our body dryer a brief document explaining how to use Valiryo in order to, following our recommendation, achieve the best possible experience with the product

As you can see in the video below, we recommend turning on the body dryer about 20 seconds before you finish showering at the highest temperature and minimum speed. Meanwhile, we recommend dragging the larger water drops off your skin to remove the excess water.

You are now ready to stand in front of the drying column: move your body as close as possible to reduce the distance of the air from you. Even bring your lips close to the upper diffusers to feel the warmth of Valiryo. Now all you have to do is relax and enjoy while you switch programs to increase the speed and reduce the heat if desired. Turn your body 360° while the Valiryo air massage relaxes your body and take some time for your thoughts. You will notice how your muscles are stretched and your skin is softer and more hydrated.


Follow these tips and you will add new meaning to your drying and your bathroom will become more comfortable for your daily routine. However, it is important to remember that Valiryo has many other applications and areas of installation, whether in public facilities (changing rooms in gyms, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, spas, etc.) or for many other uses that do not involve drying after a shower: swimming pools, water parks or theme parks, dance academies, spray tanning centers, etc. They are also often installed in workplaces with intense heat to dry the sweat of employees. Valiryo has many different uses in different areas of society.