Increase the safety of your bathroom with Valiryo Body Dryer

Adapt your bathroom to your needs to enhance comfort

The bathroom is one of the places where most accidents happen at home and, in particular, where the most serious ones take place. And most of them, although it may seem surprising, are caused when drying off. This is not rare, since drying ourselves with a towel forces us to make a number of movements and unnatural high-risk balances since they are performed on a wet and often slippy surface. 

A danger that is even greater for people of a certain age or with some kind of mobility problem, for whom drying off is not usually an easy task. 

We usually pay a lot of attention to the moment of showering, making sure that it is a comfortable and safe experience. And that is why we try to have comfort elements (rain effect faucets, hydromassage columns...) as well as safety elements (handles, non-slip strips, etc.). However, we never focus on body drying neither on making it safer nor on adapting it to the mobility possibilities of each person; not even on making it a more relaxing experience or more respectful to the health of our skin

Valiryo body dryer offers a new drying experience that is more relaxing, healthier for your skin and accessible to people with reduced mobility, so they can dry themselves independently. In this sense, the inclusion of a body dryer reduces the risk of falling, as all you have to do is stand in front of it and turn it on while enjoying a warm air massage. In addition, the fact that Valiryo can be installed inside the shower means that the shower area can be kept completely dry, preventing the rest of the bathroom from getting wet, which also increases safety.

Count on Valiryo while adapting your bathroom

Therefore, we recommend, that when you notice that your mobility is reduced and your bathroom becomes an uncomfortable and dangerous place, you count on Valiryo as one of the elements to adapt your bathroom. While replacing the bathtub with a shower, lowering the floor to avoid steps, or placing support bars and anti-slip strips, we believe it is also important to ensure an easier and more pleasant body drying.

We are sure that in the future the body drying will be something to consider when adapting a bathroom as it will increase safety and improve your comfort with a more relaxing experience that reduces your stress and improves the health of your skin. If you want to install a body dryer and you have doubts about the best way to incorporate it in your bathroom, our team of technicians can advise you and help you with the installation process, as well as to adapt the use of the product to your specific needs. Contact us and we will help you to customize your body drying!

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