What is the best place to install Valiryo Body Dryer?

Where it is recommended to install Valiryo Body Dryer

As you already know, the installation of Valiryo is as simple as hanging a mirror with some lighting on the wall. But before you install your body drying column, you have to make an important decision on where to install it. The general recommendation and the ideal place for which Valiryo was created is inside the shower since that's where we get the best experience of using the product. But there are different use purposes and needs of our body dryer that can change the location without giving up all the benefits that Valiryo can offer us whether in our bathroom or in other places of shared use.

First of all, the use for which you have purchased Valiryo will influence, since the reason is not always to dry ourselves after a shower. For example, it is used in swimming pools so that users can go to the changing room area already dry, improving the cleanliness and comfort of the locker rooms. It is also used in many spas to offer their users a relaxing way of drying themselves, which also nourishes and moisturizes their skin. Valiryo has been used in many areas and for many different purposes: spray tanning centers, dance academies, theme parks, etc.

The only precaution you should take is to avoid direct sunlight on the upper part where the motor is located if you install it in an outdoor space. Therefore, it would be advisable to provide it with something that covers it from the sun.

Therefore, the bathroom is not the only place where you can place Valiryo; but it is the most usual place to install it. The decision about where to place it will depend first of all on the configuration of your bathroom: do you have a shower or a bathtub? Logically, if you do not have a shower, it will be difficult to install it inside. In this case, the recommendation is to place it as close as possible to the bathtub. In this way, you do not have to move to another spot, making the floor wet, something that favors neither cleanliness nor safety.

Install Valiryo inside your shower

As we have already seen, the most recommended place to install Valiryo is inside the shower as, in this way, we retain the washing and drying in the same space, which contributes to a better user experience. For this, it is necessary to have a light point inside the shower where the connection of Valiryo can be done. This is a simple task but we recommend a professional electrician to do it according to the regulations of each country. This is a small inconvenience since until now there was no need to have electricity in the shower. However, it is completely safe as Valiryo is IP56 certified.

Valiryo has been designed to be adaptable to any type of shower thanks to its extra-flat design that barely exceeds 4 cm so it will not disturb or obstruct movement in any way. The only disadvantage that may complicate the installation of Valiryo in your shower is the height of it, as the current model of Valiryo requires 230 cm and sometimes there are bathrooms that do not have this height. However, there are solutions since it is possible to cut the column to adapt it to the size you need.


Regarding the position of the dryer in the shower tray, its perfect position would be perpendicular to the shower tap (as shown in the picture), but it can also be placed opposite, as there is no problem for the body dryer to receive the direct impact of the water. We can therefore place our body dryer anywhere in the shower, creating a kind of washing tunnel with a specific space for washing and another for drying, bringing a continuous wellness experience in the same space and achieving a more effective drying process.