Effortless and easy drying after showering with Valiryo Body Dryer

Drying adapted for people with mobility problems

Valiryo is a body dryer that can be installed in the shower and facilitates drying for people with mobility problems, allowing them to dry themselves independently and reduce the risk of falling. In addition, air drying also favors a more hygienic and respectful drying of our skin than towel drying. Discover a new drying experience for your everyday life that relaxes your body and mind and contributes to your overall well-being. Join Valiryo now!

Whether due to an illness or mobility problem or simply because of age, there comes a time when we must incorporate different elements into our bathroom to adapt it to our needs. Widening the doors to allow access with a wheelchair, lowering the floor, adding support handles, and installing anti-slip strips or shower chairs are some of these elements that facilitate our hygiene routine and increase safety.

However, there is one activity in our bathing routine that we don't usually pay too much attention: to body drying, which we still mostly do with a towel despite all its disadvantages. It is not easy for everyone to dry themselves with a towel on their own, as it involves a series of movements and balances that require certain agility. There is also a high risk of falling because of the presence of water on the floor.

What happens frequently is that we either do not dry properly because we cannot reach those difficult areas, which is not good for the health of our skin; or we need the help of an assistant, which is never pleasant at this moment of intimacy when we prefer privacy.

The solution for an easier and safer drying process 

Valiryo was born with the aim of helping everyone, regardless of their starting condition, to dry themselves after showering, turning this unpleasant routine into an experience with multiple benefits for our daily lives. It is an air column that can be installed inside the shower and offers complete drying through its 27 diffusers. In this way, we take a shower and dry ourselves in the same space, increasing comfort and safety, because there is no need for movement.

Just as we create a safe bathing area, we also create a drying space in front of our body dryer, adapting it to our needs by combining it with bars or auxiliary chairs. With Valiryo it is possible to dry yourself while standing or sitting because the air comes out uniformly from all its vents. Valiryo also has a presence sensor for people who have difficulty switching on the dryer.

The benefits of body drying

Valiryo makes the drying routine easier and safer for everyone and makes it possible for people with limited mobility to continue drying themselves independently, as they only have to stand in front of the column without having to lift their arms or legs, reach behind their back or bend over. But Valiryo also focuses on many other aspects that are not usually considered, giving a new meaning to body drying.

  • More respectful to your skin

Air drying the body allows the skin to absorb the moisture it needs, removing the rest efficiently without any friction. This is why it favors the hydration and general well-being of the skin, avoiding the proliferation of fungal infections that often occur due to inadequate drying.

Because of this, Valiryo is a highly recommended product for people with atopic skin or with other conditions or illnesses (bedsores, venous insufficiencies, psoriasis, diabetes) for whom the friction of the towel and the lack of hydration is harmful.   

  • Improve your daily physical well-being

With Valiryo, instead of having your heart rate rise from the effort of rubbing your skin with a towel while bending over or trying to reach every part of your back, you can dry yourself without any effort. On the contrary, with Valiryo Body Dryer, you can enjoy a warm airflow that increases your blood flow and gets more oxygen to your muscles. In this way, you will notice your muscles stretching and relaxing, and you will feel your body less tight and stressed, which at certain ages can be very helpful in coping with daily activities, as you feel more agile and active.

  • A new experience of well-being

We identify showering as that moment of calmness that helps us to recover the rythm of our day. And that is why we try to get the best possible experience by incorporating elements of comfort into our bathroom. However, we don't do the same with body drying. Until now. Valiryo focuses on drying the body to transform it into a moment of relaxation in our routine, bringing continuity to the moment of showering. And also to make this new body drying experience accessible to everyone, regardless of their starting point.


Discover in this video all the benefits of the Valiryo body dryer

An essential product for your daily care

For all these reasons, Valiryo Body Dryer is an element to consider when deciding to include it in your bathroom, either because you need it or because you simply want to enjoy a new drying experience with multiple benefits for your daily life. It is very easy to install and you do not need to carry out any type of renovation to start enjoying all its advantages.  

It is also an ideal product to be included in healthcare environments (nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation centers) as it allows residents or patients to continue drying themselves independently. This reduces the need for institutions to dedicate staff to these drying support tasks. Moreover, as we have seen, it is a more hygienic way (Valiryo has an antibacterial treatment for use in public environments), more respectful with our skin; and has also multiple benefits for our physical and mental well-being.  


Find out how to use the Valiryo Body Dryer

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