Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ´s)


Valiryo is a body drying column designed to be installed in the shower, offering you a new experience of drying that is more relaxing, hygienic, simple, safe, and environmentally friendly. It consists of a casing that protects all essential elements from water, a column with 27 diffusers for achieving even drying, and a control panel that allows you to customize the experience by selecting the power and temperature. Discover all its features

We currently offer a single model of body drying column with two color variants: white and black. This is the 2.0 version of an initial model that was launched in the market in 2018 (now discontinued).  

  • Where is Valiryo manufactured? 

Valiryo is a product of European design and is entirely manufactured in Spain through agreements with nearby companies and employment centers. 

  • Is Valiryo a patented product?

Yes, Valiryo is a patented product. Its innovative technology is the only one on the market that ensures optimal and even drying from head to toe. It is important to emphasize that copycat products that infringe upon original patents should not be purchased. In addition to facing legal action, this practice jeopardizes the research and development of innovative companies and our industrial fabric. 

  • Is Valiryo properly certified? Which countries? 

Yes, Valiryo has the relevant legal certifications for the main global markets. As a result, the product is certified for the European Union market, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Australia, as well as various Asian and Middle Eastern countries. Valiryo's policy regarding this matter is to certify the product based on having distributors who regularly import our products, as individual buyers do not need a product certification as a requirement for the product to clear customs. 

  • Is it safe to use Valiryo in the shower? 

Yes, it is completely safe. Valiryo has an IP56 certification that makes it entirely safe for use in water environments, even when directly exposed to water. To obtain this certification, the product was tested by an independent laboratory and is the only body dryer on the market to achieve such a high rating. For more information about Valiryo's IP rating, you can visit this post


  • What is Valiryo made of? 

Valiryo is made of ABS plastic, widely used in the automotive industry due to its hardness and durability. Additionally, this material retains its appearance over the years without color loss. It also features an outer layer of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) for scratch and damage resistance. Another reason for choosing this material is that plastics are poor conductors of electricity, enhancing Valiryo's safety. 

  • What does Valiryo's antibacterial treatment consist of? 

Our body dryer features an antibacterial treatment based on silver ions for an extra anti-germ effect. These ions are added to the materials during the manufacturing process, resulting in a high concentration on the product's surface, providing continuous antimicrobial protection throughout the product's lifespan and creating a zone of asepsis around it. Refer to this post for all the details about Valiryo's antibacterial treatment

  • What is the purpose and function of Valiryo's presence sensor? 

Valiryo includes a presence sensor in its casing to activate the product without needing to touch the power button. If you have this option enabled on the control panel, simply position yourself underneath to activate Valiryo. This functionality is designed for use in public settings (contactless activation) and to facilitate use for individuals who, due to their circumstances, may not be able to independently activate the dryer using the control button. 

  • How long does it take to dry with Valiryo? 

The time we specify in the product specifications is 3 minutes, but this measurement is taken under favorable conditions using Valiryo at its maximum power from the start. There are numerous factors influencing drying time: from the chosen program, season, or time of day you use it to the individual's body size using it. Therefore, similar to battery or fuel consumption information, this is an estimation. 

Regardless, at Valiryo, we emphasize that it's not just about drying quickly. Our body dryer offers a more holistic experience that relaxes your body and mind, promoting a sense of well-being. Similar to taking a shower, there are moments for a quick shower and getting on with your routine, but there are also times to enjoy a relaxing shower or bath. 

  • Does the Valiryo body dryer make a lot of noise? 

Similar to the previous question about drying time, our measurements indicate that Valiryo emits between 66 dB and 69 dB at maximum power. We often like to compare this figure to the 89 decibels typically emitted by any regular hair dryer on the market. 

Therefore, we do not consider Valiryo to be noisy. However, the location and installation of the product can influence this. This means that if you have the option to measure the decibels emitted by Valiryo installed in your bathroom, the result may not necessarily match the figures in the technical specifications. These figures were obtained through product testing in a laboratory.

About installation

  • Where is it recommended to install Valiryo?  

Valiryo was designed to be used in wet environments, and this is where we get the best user experience from the product, as it allows us to dry ourselves in the same space where we showered, without the need to move to another area. Additionally, leaving the shower completely dry improves cleanliness and reduces the risk of falls. That's why our general recommendation is to install Valiryo inside the shower.

Of course, Valiryo can be installed in other areas of the bathroom in combination with bathtubs or other elements (saunas, jacuzzis), as well as in other parts of the house or settings based on its intended use. In this post, you can find all the information about the ideal installation location.  

  • What measurements are necessary to install Valiryo?  

Thanks to its ultra-slim design that protrudes only 4 centimeters in its usage area, Valiryo can be installed in any type of shower without reducing space or causing inconvenience to the user. Therefore, the only potential hindrance to Valiryo's installation is the height: the current model of Valiryo requires a minimum ceiling height of 220 cm.   However, if this is a concern, we can offer you the option to customize the column to your required measurements. For this, you can contact us directly through the contact section or at .  

  • How is Valiryo installed?  

Valiryo's installation is straightforward and doesn't require any bathroom remodeling to start enjoying it. Its installation process is similar to hanging a mirror with built-in lighting: it is mounted on the wall and connected to the electrical network. The product includes a step-by-step installation guide and a template for marking the necessary holes. In this post, you can find all the information about the installation process, as well as videos where you can see the process in detail.  

  • How should the electrical connection of Valiryo be performed?  

Valiryo needs to be connected to 220-240V for proper functioning. The complexity of its connection depends on the installation location. For example, if it's installed outside the shower, you would simply plug it into the wall like any other appliance. If installed inside the shower, as recommended, a cable needs to be routed to the installation point. In this post, you can find all the necessary information on connecting Valiryo and an explanatory video. If you live in a country with a 110V network, you'll find no issues installing and enjoying our body dryer. The product has been adapted and certified for use worldwide.  

  • Can Valiryo be installed in any country?  

Yes, in fact, Valiryo has been installed in over 80 countries worldwide without any incidents. In this post, you can find all the details about electrical connections. And if you have any doubts, you can contact us before making your purchase through the contact section. Our product team can answer all your questions regarding the specific case of your country.  

Maintenance and cleaning

  • What maintenance does Valiryo require?  

Our body dryer has been designed so that no maintenance or parts replacement is necessary. At Valiryo, we believe that the first requirement for an environmentally responsible product is its longevity. Therefore, we don't believe in planned obsolescence. Our goal is that once you install our product, you only need to focus on enjoying it.  

  • Do I need to replace any parts or change filters over time?  

No, there's no need to replace any parts, nor does it contain any filters that need to be replaced.  

  • How should I clean the body dryer?  

Valiryo doesn't require any specific cleaning process. It's designed to prevent water from stagnating in any space. Simply wipe its exterior surface with a damp cloth using mild soap at most. Never use aggressive cleaners.  

  • Does the Valiryo column become unsightly or lose color over time?  

As we've mentioned, the material Valiryo is made from ensures that it retains its appearance over the years, without color fading. Additionally, it features an outer layer of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) for protection and an antibacterial treatment that help it maintain its aesthetic appeal just like the first day.  

Other questions

  • Why is usin​g Valiryo more environmentally friendly than using towels? 

As experts explain, for hygienic towel use, each family member needs to use a separate towel. Additionally, different towels are required for different body parts. All these towels need to be laundered quite frequently, likely more than our usual practices. This leads to a significant consumption of electricity and water for washing. 

Regarding water, it's evident that using Valiryo results in 100% savings by not using this resource for towel washing. But it's not just about water; it also prevents contamination from detergents and other chemicals, reducing their usage due to washing less textile. 

Furthermore, according to calculations made by our engineering team based on official data, the electricity consumption of an average washing machine on the market is 0.38 kWh, and if you add drying in a dryer, it becomes 0.65 kWh. Total consumption: 1.03 kWh. Valiryo's consumption is 0.143 kWh, resulting in an 86.12% savings. Thus, it's estimated that each use of Valiryo prevents the emission of 1.83 kg of CO2 into the atmosphere compared to towel usage. 

This calculation is based on using one towel per day in a household. However, considering the environmental impact that businesses like hotels, gyms, spas, or nursing homes might have due to their extensive towel use, Valiryo's impact could be significant. If you'd like a personalized calculation of potential savings for your business, feel free to contact us. 

  • What is the "average lifespan" of a Valiryo? 

The motor's durability is estimated at 15,000 hours, which translates to 200,000 uses. This is equivalent to more than 500 years. Therefore, it can be said to last forever. 

  • Can Valiryo be installed outdoors? 

Yes, Valiryo can be installed outdoors, as long as the ambient temperature is mostly between 10°C and 40°C. The only precaution to take is to prevent direct sunlight from hitting the casing. To do this, simply cover its top with an element that shields it from direct sunlight. 

  • Does it automatically turn off? 

Yes, Valiryo is programmed to automatically turn off after 9 minutes of use. Given the option of sensor activation, this is done for safety and energy-saving reasons, ensuring the device doesn't stay on due to oversight. If you want to use it for more than 9 minutes, you just need to turn it on again. 

  • Can Valiryo be used in combination with a steam shower? 

Yes, there's no issue with using Valiryo in a steam shower. It's understood that steam showers are used for a specific duration and are not continuously operational. Therefore, Valiryo can be installed alongside a regular steam shower. 

NOTE_We continuously update this section with all the questions we receive. If you don't find the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us through the form at the bottom of the page.


How tu buy

  • Where can I purchase Valiryo Body Dryer? 

As a novel product, we are still in the process of expanding to many countries. However, our body dryer can already be acquired from well-known places such as Amazon, Leroy Merlin, Home Depot, etc. Of course, we are also present in many national chains or stores. If you want to know where you can find Valiryo near your location, you can contact us, and we'll direct you to our partner in your country or our distributors in your area. 

In any case, the product is available for purchase on this website through our online store. This way, we ensure that anyone who wants to enjoy Valiryo can do so. The product will be conveniently delivered to your doorstep. 

  • Can Valiryo be purchased from anywhere in the world? 

Yes, you can purchase Valiryo from any country. We work with international shipping companies that ensure our logistics worldwide. Only countries where there are ongoing conflicts that might prevent international transport companies from delivering shipments might be excluded from this rule. In such cases, we will notify you of the situation to find the best solution. 

  • Does the price include any additional customs or taxes that the buyer needs to cover? 

No, the price displayed in our online store is the final price. You won't need to pay anything extra. The price includes both shipping and possible taxes or customs fees. 

  • How do I make a purchase from the online store? 

You simply need to access our store (from the main menu of the page) and select the color and the number of units. Then, follow the steps indicated on the page to process the order. You can make payment in various ways through the Stripe payment gateway. 

Once the order is confirmed, we'll ship it within the next 24 working hours. You'll receive a confirmation email along with a tracking number, so you can monitor the shipping status in real time.  

About shipping

  • Where are the shipments sent from?  

In most cases, we ship from our headquarters in Spain, where the product is manufactured. In cases where we have a local presence in your country or an exclusivity agreement with a distributor, the shipment will be sent from there. In any case, you'll receive the updated product, well-packaged, at no extra cost, and you'll have the same warranties and technical support.

  • How is the shipping of Valiryo conducted?  

Our body dryer has somewhat complex logistics due to its size, as one of the boxes exceeds 200 cm in length. Valiryo is shipped in two boxes: one containing the column and another with the motor casing. Therefore, the transportation company will deliver two packages to you. 

Due to the unique dimensions of the column, it often happens that this package arrives 24-48 hours later than the other box. This is simply because its size causes a delay due to requiring more space for transportation. If this occurs, don't worry. It's likely that they will deliver it to you subsequently without any issues. ​

  • How long does it take for Valiryo to arrive at my location?  

Our commitment, fulfilled in 99.9% of cases, is to ship within the next 24 working hours (from Monday to Friday). From there, the transit time varies depending on the destination country. However, the product usually arrives to our customers within 2 to 5 days. In any case, we send you the tracking number, allowing you to follow the package's status in real time. Additionally, the transport company provides an estimated delivery date from the start, allowing you to plan for package receipt. In case of any issues or delays, it's important for you to contact us as soon as possible so we can mediate with the transport company and provide the best solution.  

  • What should I do if the product arrives damaged at my location?  

If you notice that the boxes are in poor condition upon receiving the package because they are broken or have been damaged, the first thing to do is to take photographs of the boxes and contact us via email. We will take care of liaising with the transport company and offer you the quickest solution in case the product is damaged. Our main goal is for you to have the body dryer installed in perfect condition at your home as soon as possible.  

IMPORTANT! It's essential that you always open the boxes and check that the product hasn't suffered any damage during transportation. Some customers don't inspect the product initially, and later, when attempting to install it, they discover it's broken. By then, it's too late to file a claim with the transport agency. Review the product to prevent subsequent issues!

  • How does Valiryo arrive at my location? 

As previously mentioned, Valiryo arrives in two boxes at your location. We provide a "unboxing video" so you can see all the elements included in the box and how to properly remove the motor casing to prevent potential damage to the unit's resistance. The package includes all the necessary components for assembly, as well as a template that guides you through the drilling process and provides step-by-step assembly instructions. You can find all the information related to product installation above on this same page under "About Installation."  

Return Policy

  • Can I return the product? 

Yes, if you have purchased the product from our online store, you can return the product within 30 days after receiving it at your address. At Valiryo, we aim to be flexible about this due to the novelty of our product. However, we'd like to make two observations. Firstly, Valiryo must be wall-mounted to be tested under real usage conditions. This involves making holes in the wall that would result in visible alterations. 

Secondly, we always emphasize that our body dryer column is a highly innovative product that represents a true revolution in how we dry ourselves, offering numerous associated benefits: improved hygiene, benefits for your skin, a more relaxing experience, enhanced bathroom safety, and more. Due to this, we recommend a necessary adaptation period for this revolutionary method of body drying. 

In the Terms and Conditions of purchase section, you can find all the details regarding our return policy on our online store. Please refer to this section to stay updated on these matters, as what is valid is what is outlined in this section. We aim to provide the utmost transparency in these matters, as our greatest desire is to have satisfied customers who enjoy our products in their day-to-day lives. 

This policy only applies if you have made the purchase from our online store. If you have made the purchase from one of our distributors anywhere in the world, the conditions established on their website or in their return policies in their physical store will apply.


  • What warranty does the product have? 

At Valiryo, we aim to comply with consumer legal guarantees as established by the laws of each country. This means that we apply the usual warranty periods in each country for any defects or issues with the product. However, our greatest guarantee and commitment, on which we tirelessly work, is to manufacture quality products that do not have any issues throughout their entire lifespan. Ultimately, any incident represents an economic cost that also has an environmental impact. 

We advise you to visit our Terms and Conditions of Purchase section, where we keep our product warranty policies up-to-date. 

  • How should I handle a technical issue? 

If you have purchased the product through our online store, you can contact us via email or through the support section. If you have purchased the product from one of our distributors, it's best to get in touch with them and follow their instructions. As manufacturers, we also provide support to our distributors and work with them to efficiently resolve any possible issues. However, in the end, we stand behind the manufacturer's warranty, so if you encounter any problems with our distributor, you can contact us directly.


  • Do you have an Official Technical Service at Valiryo? 

At Valiryo, we have an Official Technical Service for the brand that provides global service for any issues with our products. Additionally, through agreements with official Valiryo distributors and sellers, we can offer closer service in some markets. 

  • What happens if the product breaks down and there is no official service center in my country? 

No worries. Nowadays, it's common for brands to offer Technical Service from their global headquarters and receive products with issues for proper inspection and repair if other solutions are not possible. This is exactly how we handle it at Valiryo. If it's ultimately necessary to send the product to our warehouse, we handle the collection and cover both transportation and repair costs if the product is under warranty. However, we don't cover the cost of disassembling the product for shipping in case the customer requires professional assistance. 

If the product is not under warranty, our technical service will provide a possible diagnosis of the problem and an estimated repair quote, including shipping. 

Nevertheless, our product has been designed to last forever once installed according to our instructions, without encountering any issues. Incidents often arise from impacts or problems during transportation or installation. That's why it's crucial to follow our instructions and precautions to avoid problems. 

In essence, our focus on quality and efforts are more directed towards preventing breakdowns than resolving them. We work every day to identify issues caused during transportation or installation, optimizing to prevent these from recurring in other customers. 

  • How are technical issues managed when they arise? 

At Valiryo, we have worked on optimizing our Technical Service to resolve incidents (usually caused by damages or breakages during transportation or installation) in the most efficient way, ensuring customers see a speedy resolution. 

To achieve this, we've identified the most common incidents and developed videos showing customers how to easily resolve them. This way, we can quickly send them replacement parts so the issue can be fixed without having to disassemble or send the device. However, whenever we notice that a certain incident is recurring, we work to prevent it from happening again. 

Typically, we ask our customers to send us videos to make a rapid diagnosis of the problem. In case of more complex issues, we arrange for the product to be collected and taken to the nearest official technical service center for thorough examination.

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In this Frequently Asked Questions section, we aim to address all the questions you commonly have about us or our products. If we haven't managed to answer your query, please write to us through the following form, and we'll respond as soon as possible.